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OrthoLoad is a free public data base. No registration is required.


OrthoLoad - free public data baseThe loads acting in orthopaedic implants during various activities are displayed in videos and are available as data files. The loads were measured directly in patients, using ‘smart’ implants.
Currently studies on the loading of knee and shoulder joints, and on vertebral body replacements are under way, as well as a new hip joint study. Numerical and video data become accessible from OrthoLoad as soon as they are published in scientific journals. In the future additional information like ground reaction forces and gait data will be added.
Work on the hip joint started 1988 at the Biomechanics Lab of the Oskar Helene Heim in Berlin. Much of this data is accessible. The studies are now continued at the Julius Wolff Institute of the Charité Berlin.
We hope that this data collection will widely be used by patients, physiotherapists, scientists and surgeons, for teaching purposes, basic research, and to develop improved implants.


  • Publication Vertebral Body Replacement: Rohlmann et al.: Methods for Avoiding or Reducing High Spinal Loads in Everyday Life.
    Physiother Phys Rehabil, 2014 1(2): 105

    Publication Vertebral Body Replacement: Rohlmann et al.: Activities of everyday life with high spinal loads.
    PLoS One. 2014 May 27;9(5):e98510
    54 new video clips @DATABASE: Implant: Vertebral Body Replacement

    World Award for Arthrosis Research 2014
    The World Arthrosis Organization and the Deutsche Arthrose-Hilfe awarded the “Welt-Preis für Arthroseforschung 2014” (World Award for Arthrosis Research 2014) to Georg Bergmann for his pioneering work on prevention and treatment of arthrosis. The whole research group thanks for this honourable appreciation! Further information: http://www.arthrose.de/aktuelles.html

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    Publication Knee: Bergmann et al.: Standardized Loads Acting in Knee Implants.
    PLoS ONE 2014;9(1): e86035
    104 new video clips @DATABASE: Implant: Knee Joint; Activity: Gaitanalysis
    Additional data is available at menu: Test Loads; Knee Joint